Incorporations & Contracts

Owning and operating a business has both great rewards and great risks; business formation is an important tool for helping to maximize rewards while minimizing your risks. So if you are considering launching a new business, or are already in a small-but-growing business, it pays to get professional advice regarding your options, and to carefully choose the legal structure that’s best for your current situation. This is a time when working with a local expert can make all the difference for your future.

As a small firm with solid experience in both incorporations and contracts, and also as a small business that’s actively involved in the local community, the Law Office of Janna M. Wallace can help smooth the path for your new or growing business, by assisting you in:

  • Choosing between business types (e.g., s-corporation, c-corporation, LLC),
  • Setting up and dissolving partnerships,
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts and other business agreements
  • Assessing your legal risks in key decisions
  • Provide estate planning that will insure the continuation of your business
    • For efficient, friendly and reliable help with your business incorporation and/or contracts, please contact us directly.