Social Security Appeals

Being injured or disabled and unable to work in your previous job can be devastating. Social Security Disability benefits are available, in many instances, to help you – but the process of proving your qualification can be a time-consuming and frustrating road. As a small law firm, we are better able to take the time to understand and focus on your individual situation. We help take some of the stress away by guiding you through the process, helping to clarify your options, and representing you in a Social Security Appeal if you are denied SSD benefits.

The SSD process can take up to three years, and this waiting period can be both draining, financially and emotionally. We’ll respect your time, and efficiently coordinate all the paperwork involved in each step. Some key steps you must take along the way include:

  • Confirm you’ve contributed enough to Social Security during your work life to qualify for some compensation. You may qualify for either Social Security Disability Insurance benefits or Supplemental Security Income benefits; we can help you understand which is available to you.
  • File an application with the local Social Security office, including providing sufficient medical documentation to establish that a disabling condition exists, and prevents you from being gainfully employed (note: being unable to return to your previous type of employment is not sufficient).
  • If you are denied benefits, file a request for Reconsideration within 60 days from the date of your initial denial; if you’re denied a second time (which is not uncommon) request a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

It can take two to eight months for your appeal to be reconsidered, and up to two years after your hearing request to schedule an ALJ hearing. During these appeals, it is important to get the help of an experienced attorney who can review your documentation, help you understand your options and prepare your claims, as well as to represent you at hearings – and to ensure you do receive any benefits you’re awarded. The Law Office of Janna Wallace will provide a free initial consultation for SSD appeals. Contact us to schedule your appointment.